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George Louris, CFT, Pn1 Body Transformation Coach

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I would love to share my personal fat loss story with you.

Here I am at 212 pounds. You could practically see the stress and exhaustion all over my face.

​You know, I was once almost 50 pounds heavier than I am today. ​

This was me… I tried losing weight for years—It was difficult and frustrating. And I struggled—with no success…

All of the time I wasted was hard on my body. And the repeated disappointment was emotionally hard and brought my confidence to an all time low.

Eventually it impacted my relationships with friends and family…

I was spending hours on the treadmill doing boring cardio while missing out on time with my friends and family.

I even tried starving  myself and giving up carbs...

And I actually GAINED weight.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Until I eventually found a better way…

And it was so much easier than spending hours on the treadmill.

If you're anything like I was, you're probably working much harder than you need to.

Let me explain…

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