5 Tips to Fastrack Your Way To a Flat Tummy & Tight Abs

The New Year is still young, and if you’ve decided to make this your year for losing the weight and tightening your abs, keep reading.

Getting a flat midsection really boils down to two things: 1) Getting rid of the fatty layer that is covering your abdominal muscles; and 2) Tightening and toning your abdominal muscles.

The following 5 tips will help you flatten your tummy and tighten your abs this year:

Tight Abs Tip #1

Perform challenging strength training abdominal exercises at least three times each week. Your abs are like any other muscle in your body—they need to be consistently challenged in order to become stronger and tighter.

Tight Abs Tip #2

Stop eating junk, including most breads and pasta while you’re at it. Processed foods, refined sugar, most breads and pasta and high fructose corn syrup do NOT belong in your diet if, especially if you want tight abs. Cutting these items from your diet will allow your body to maintain stable blood sugar levels, alleviating your body’s need to store excess sugar away in fat cells.

The fat stores created by excess sugar intake most often accumulate around your waist, covering up your abdominal muscles. Cut these items from your diet and replace them with real whole foods such as lean meats, vegetables, nuts and fruits.

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Tight Abs Tip #3

Stop doing long and slow cardio workouts. Instead, use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for your cardio workouts. HIIT training uses intense bursts of exercise effort to really get your metabolism fired up and get your fat stores shrinking. If you’d like to see a great example of a HIIT workout you can do, regardless of how busy you are, click on picture below.

Busy people

Tight Abs Tip #4

Forget crunches. Crunches utilize roughly seven muscles while a plank engages up to 20 muscles. According to Stuart M. McGill, Ph.D., a kinesiology researcher at the University of Waterloo in Ontario who measured the forces placed on the spine by sit-ups and crunches, crunches are not good for your spinal discs. He found that the compression created by a crunch is so high that there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually get a herniated disc doing crunches.

And don’t underestimate the plank, it’s harder than you may realize. Get to the point where you can perform a plank for 60 to 90 seconds with ease, then move on to more challenging versions.


Tight Abs Tip #5

Don’t be fooled. The market is flooded with ‘lose weight’ products and products that claim to flatten your stomach. Never waste your time or money on:

  1. So-called packaged health food that comes with weight loss claims. If it’s processed in a package with a bunch of chemical additives then it will not help you achieve flat abs.
  2. Abdominal exercise gimmicks as sold on late night infomercials – all you really need is your own body weight. If you can get your hands on an exercise ball, even better.
  3. So-called weight loss supplements. The magic pill for flat abs doesn’t exist, so you’d be wasting your health and money on a bogus product.

Use these tips and you’ll be well on your way to shedding the fat and tightening your abs.

But, keep in mind that your results will be seriously hindered if you do the same exercise routine over and over. Your abs need a progressive challenge in order to transform. This means new exercises, different resistance and increased challenge.

If you’re looking for personalized, one on one guidance around exercise and nutrition to achieve your flat tummy, shoot me an email at coachgeorge@firstthingfitness.com and we’ll get started as soon as you’re ready!





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