Dang… I did it! (The revolution is ready!)

Okay, okay, I don’t often get this excited about creating workouts and fat loss programs, but this is the exception.

I’m freaking stoked! And YOU’RE in for a treat 🙂

So like I was telling you in the post a couple of days ago…

I got inspired by all the feed back I got from what I wrote a few days ago about how so many people fail at their New Year weight loss resolution and end up right back where they were when they started, or worse – fatter.

And in that same post I went on to explain the four factors why most people fail at their new year weight loss resolution.

  1. Your goals are probably un-realistic and so you’re already setting yourself up for failure.
  2. You’re unprepared. Sure you have a general idea that you want to lose weight. But you most likely do not have a game plan.
  3. Your goals are unclear.
  4. You lack support. Because the going WILL GET TOUGH and your support system is what will see you though to your goal.

And so as far as I’m concerned new year resolutions are really not the way to go!

I have a ton of clients who I help to get motivated, lose weight and get in better shape. And one of the things I teach them from day one is that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, whenever you want it.

Look, you don’t need permission from anyone. And you don’t need to wait for a new year. So just dump the idea of resolutions and let me tell you about my New Year, New You Challenge Fit Club Revolution weight loss and get back into shape program.

Let me give you some details:

I’ve designed the program to overcome the four fail factors mentioned above.

It’s a 12 week body transformation program specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you workout and then to give you the coveted “after burn” effect so you can burn more fat once you leave here.

“After burn” is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a really good workout when certain variables take place during the workout session. In fact it’s scientifically proven that you can go into after burn and torch more calories for as much as 18 hours after a workout.

Each workout session is designed to put your body into “after burn” to help get the most fat loss during the 12 week program.

You’ll also get a meal plan to follow, designed to burn even more fat without restricting calories (this is NOT a diet) it’s a fat loss eating program simple and easy.

The New Year weight loss Revolution now starts on Monday, January 11th.

Here’s the best part! I want to make sure this program is within reach of anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, get support and reach your ideal weight.

One of the main benefits of online coaching programs is that you get most of the benefits of a personal trainer, without the hourly cost of a personal trainer (and without traveling to a gym).

Look, gym memberships typically cost between $25-$75 per month.

Group classes typically range from $75-$150 per month.

And personal training typically ranges from $300-$1,000+ per month.

I’m going to make this as close to a “no-brainer” as I can for you.

​Access to this VIP, by invitation only, 12 week private coaching group is going to be only a one time $197 investment in yourself for the entire 3 months – just a fraction of what you would pay for a personal trainer in that time period and still less expensive than group classes or boot camps – and quite frankly, less than I charge for an initial one hour consultation.

Now, typically my training programs range from $299 – $800 for four weeks. That’s a really good deal!

In addition to this being the most awesome weight loss program EVER. I’m doing one more thing for you…

I’m going to back it up with my own money.

What I mean by this is, I’m so confident that you’re going to lose weight and be totally happy with my New Year, New You Challenge Fit Club Revolution weight loss and get back into shape transformation program that I’m going to give you a full refund if at the end of the 12 week program you feel it wasn’t everything I said it would be.

Fair enough?

I don’t see anyone else making that promise.

So since the program starts in just a week, and I’m only taking a limited number of participants, and since it’s only $197 I’m guessing it’s going to fill up FAST because I’m sending this post out to over 29,000 people.

Here’s what you need to do now…

Just click on this link and apply today.

Talk soon,

P.S. There is one small thing you must do to qualify for this 12 week weight loss fitness program. You have to promise me to NEVER have a new year resolution again, okay? Because YOU can achieve anything you want, whenever you want!


More to come 🙂

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