The “Housework as Exercise” Myth Debunked

Think of all those reports you read about how parking your car a block or two away from work and then walking the rest of the way, or mowing your lawn, or simply lending a hand around the house can help you burn calories and hence, get you into fabulous shape. They sound too good to be true… and they are. 

The fact is that to lose body fat, build lean muscle, and build endurance, you have to challenge it with exercise it isn’t accustomed to. The problem with housework and other chores is that your body has already adapted itself to such forms of activity and hence does not have any need to improve in order to deal with them – much like doing the same cardio exercise, at the same speed and difficulty, day after day – you’re burning minimal calories and are being VERY inefficient with your time. What it does need is challenging activity, which will push it towards growing fitter, healthier and leaner.

While an active lifestyle scores a lot higher than a sedentary one and might even earn you extra brownie points with your significant other – if it’s a six pack (or even a “two-pack”), weight-loss and great fitness levels that you’re targeting, you’ll need a lot more than housework to get there.

If you stop a minute to consider, the housekeeping staff at hotels does nothing else other than housework all day. If more housework really translated to better fitness, they should be the fittest people around! But I’ve stayed in hotels often enough to know that they aren’t any fitter than your average Joe… they’re just as overweight as any other group of people would be.

Make sense?

Bottom line: eat sensibly, do your full body workouts and you’ll be getting great results in no time.

Too busy to workout woman

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