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Eat These Seven Snacks to Slim Down

Close your eyes and imagine a world in where your snacks give you the upper hand in fat loss. It sounds like a dream, but if you pay attention to the snacks you keep on hand, you can actually use them to get leaner. No, they’re not diet pills that will magically shave pounds off your physique—they’re simply healthy foods that will go a long way toward staving off hunger and preventing you from gorging at mealtime.

5 Flat Belly Myths & 3 Steps to Tight Abs

Today I thought I would tackle perhaps one of the most asked questions I get from clients: “How do I get a flat belly?”

A flat belly or six-pack is probably the most sought after (and most elusive) fitness goal there is. As such, there is a ton of terrible advice on exactly how to achieve that a flat belly.